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How to setup the APN on my Huawei Router

To connect to an internet service provider on an LTE router, you need to add the providers APN details into your router configuration.

The steps are similar, for each router manufacturer. This article is specifically for Huawei routers models: B612, B535, B618, B525. Follow these easy steps:

1. Connect to the WIFI SSID of the router - Connect your laptop or phone or tablet to the router WIFI. The WIFI SSID name and password is on the sticker bottom of the router, or alternatively connect an ethernet cable.

2. From your internet browser, go to and password is admin or the WIFI password on bottom sticker

3. Click on Network Settings

4. Click on the + in the Profiles section

5. Add a new APN profile with these details (This example is for

  1. Profile name:

  2. APN Name for ws.lab4ir.fwa

  3. Leave the username and password blank

  4. Select the set as default profile checkbox if you can

  5. Click the save button

6. Also check that"auto-select network" to off to prevent the profiles changing

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