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WWE 2K24 is here

The latest reviews are in and the WWE’s latest title, 2K24 is set to keep fans of The WWE entertained with new matches and legends of World Wrestling Entertainment.


Players can choose from various modes such as Tribute to Wrestlemania in 2K Showcase of the Immortals (Yes, Andre the Giant). There are also individual modes such as MyRise, MyFaction, MyGM, and new modes like Guest Referee, Gauntlet and Ambulance Matches.


Fans of the WWE who have already pre-ordered will get access to the new game by 5 March 2024. Fans looking to purchase the new WWE 2K2024 have for the first time, three versions to select from – Standard Version, the Deluxe Version and the surprise 40 Years of Wrestlemania for the ultimate fan.


Gamers looking to download WWE 2K2024 when it launches will need a fast Internet connection – The full game is about 143GB (there’s always updates and changes especially with recent scandals) so depending on your current speed of your fibre line this can take up anywhere from 17 hours to 20 minutes.


Download size

Download Line speed

Download time

143 GB

20 Mbps

17 hours 3 minutes 38 seconds

143 GB

50 Mbps

6 hours 49 minutes 27 seconds

143 GB

100 Mbps

3 hours 24 minutes 43 seconds

143 GB

200 Mbps

1 hour 42 minutes and 21 seconds

143 GB

500 Mbps

40 minutes 56 seconds

143 GB

1000 Mbps

20 minutes 20 seconds


Using WiFi tends to deliver slower download speeds. In fact, if you’re planning on getting into online gaming, we would recommend connecting your device (Personal Computer or console) directly to your home Internet via ethernet. This will maintain a much more stable connection and faster download. Another recommendation is to run the download over night when network bandwidth capacity is less congested.


The benefits of downloading your game titles means that they are always in your library and unlike disc copies, there’s less chance of the game being lost through damage or loss of the disc. You can always re-download the title to your machine. The downside is that if your home Internet connection has a lower speed threshold, it does take longer to download which is also affected by things like load shedding.

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