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What is Fixed LTE? Why is it so good?

Fixed LTE is broadband internet intended for home and business use. It is based on the familiar mobile technology we all know and use called LTE or 4G. Fixed LTE has a number of advantages over fibre internet services, which include:

- Wide coverage - fixed LTE covers more areas than fibre across the country.

- Quick installation - because this is wireless, no cables or digging are required to install the service

- Fast speeds - entry level fibre packages usually cap your speeds to as little as 10Mbps. With Fixed LTE, your speeds are not capped and you could get anywhere between 20 and 100Mbps speeds depending on your signal and without having to pay extra.

The MTN Fixed LTE service is designed and managed to provide a great LTE service for the following reasons:

- Dedicated data network - the fixed LTE service uses a dedicated data network (separate from the mobile LTE we use on our phones). This means that each customer gets their fair share of capacity on the network. This also prevents congestion on your fixed LTE tower from people roaming on their phones in your area.

- Fast routers - fixed LTE only allows fast routers to connect to the service. This improves the experience for everyone connected to the service. There is a minimum standard of device that is allowed. These are Huawei B612, B525, B535, B618 and ZTE MF286. Depending on the model, you can connect up to 64 devices or users to a single internet connection.

- Affordable data packages - fixed LTE data prices are considerably cheaper than mobile LTE data prices. Sometimes 10x cheaper or more! For example: R99 on a mobile network would usually buy you 1GB of data for 30 days, but with a fixed LTE provider, you could get 10GB for the same price.

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